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General Manager - Belinda Watkins

My role is: to ensure the successful operations of Hospice Mid Northland, to implement the board’s strategy and vision; to responsibly manage the resources given to us by funders, donors and sponsors; and to meet with and work alongside health partners and community in order to ensure the ongoing sustainability of service provision to our community.

At Hospice Mid Northland we welcome your support. If you have suggestions or ideas I’m very keen to talk with you. My door is always open. You can contact me directly at or by phone on (09) 407 7799.

Clinical Manager - Jenny Coleman

As Clinical Manager I am responsible for co-ordinating  the clinical team  to ensure the patients and families/whanau referred to our service have access to best practice palliative care in the place of their choosing. It is important that the team is supported to achieve these goals and this means: ensuring resources are available; effective care co ordination and collaboration between services; and that the team are supported in this emotionally challenging area of healthcare. The clinical team includes nursing staff, a family support counsellor, and volunteers.

Another  important  responsibility is to ensure leadership and support to generalist providers of palliative care such as hospitals, GP practices, aged care facilities and home support agencies

Family Support Counsellor - Angela Froitzheim

My role as Hospice family support counsellor is to be available to patients and families, individually or together through their journey.  Support is co-ordinated and offered at Special Time therapy on Wednesdays for patients and families.  Families receive bereavement support after their loved one dies and they are offered massage with volunteer therapists on Thursday afternoons. A Remembrance gathering is organised and planned once a year, for families and friends who have lost their loved ones during that year. 

Clinical Nursing Team

The Hospice Mid Northland nursing team is comprised of five registered nurses plus a pool of casual nurses to assist with leave absences.  The full time team are Maureen Kearney, Siran Carter, Jo Bolter Phillippa Field and Lisa Puru with casuals Felicity Wooding, Sian Rhodes, Michael Mc Givern.


The nurses have post-graduate qualifications in palliative care and this increased knowledge and skills all combine to provide the specialist nursing care that is required at the end of life.

This support and care of patients and their families/whanau may include assessment of issues and concerns, pain and symptom management , psychological and spiritual support. Care is planned in conjunction with the patient and family/whanau to ensure their needs and wishes are respected. The focus is on trying to improve and support quality of life.

The nurses are on call overnight and in the weekends to ensure people have access to the specialist support and advice 24/7. Home visits after hours are made if necessary to ensure patients receive the care and support required.

Another important aspect of the role is to support other healthcare professionals in our community, hospitals and aged care facilities with a palliative approach to care by increasing awareness and sharing our specialist knowledge and skills.

Meet one of our community hospice nurses  Lisa Puru


Tell us how you came to be a nurse at hospice?

As part of my nursing degree, I had the opportunity to complete a 4 week placement with Hospice Mid-Northland, working alongside some highly skilled and amazing people. I met patients and families at a very vulnerable time of their lives and witnessed the quality of care, both physically and psychologically, that the nurses provided, and how well this was received by all. What a privilege. (I was also introduced to the weird and wonderful side of rural community nursing, like chickens on the bed, and having to move the cows to get through to the house!... but that’s another story!)

Why ‘Hospice’ nursing?

These experiences ‘touched’ me in so many ways, and I knew from that moment on that palliative care was the area of nursing I wanted to follow, but of course I had a degree to finish and some general nursing experience to gain.

I completed my degree and began working as a Practice Nurse in a rural health centre, (where again the cows had to be moved on occasions for the rescue helicopter to land!) but I never gave up on my dream.

In time, an opportunity arose where I was able to do some over night shifts for the Hospice at Home initiative, which cemented my passion. I was fortunate to gain a permanent placement with Hospice Mid Northland and started in July last year.

What makes your ‘nursing’ career choice so special?

To have the opportunity to spend time with someone with a life limiting illness, to hear their fears, to witness their bravery, to sit in silence, to hold a hand, to ease their pain, to bring a smile….for me, that’s what nursing is all about.



Hospice Mid-Northland is supported by 250 active volunteers with a total of 380 throughout the Mid-Northland area to call upon for support. Volunteers work alongside paid staff in many ways to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families and are vital in supporting us so that we can continue to offer our services free of charge. My role involves co-ordinating our large volunteer network to ensure skill levels are best matched with the varying voluntary roles we have available, as well as supporting them through the provision of training, feedback and recognition.  Wherever we can we shall upskill to support a person in an area that they might be interested in working in. Volunteers are trained to follow Hospice procedures and standards in confidentiality and all are reference checked before starting.  In 2013 our volunteers donated 32,000 hours to Hospice!  If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities at Hospice Mid-Northland, I can be contacted by email at or by phoning (09) 407 7799.

Fundraising & Awareness Manager - Adele Woodward

Our Fundraising & Awareness Manager Adele Woodward is responsible for getting the funds in so that we can continue to provide the high level of service that our Hospice team aspires to.  In dollar terms that equates to at least $180,000 per annum that we need to fundraise!  The Fundraising and Awareness Manager builds and maintains partnerships and works with the community to organise and manage events, sourcing sponsorship, as well as making grant applications and establishing clever ways in which people can donate to Hospice Mid Northland.  While fundraising takes up a large part of the day, this role also manages the awareness of the Hospice Mid-Northland brand.  This involves ensuring the consistent use of our visual identity and marketing material, liaising with various media including print and radio, as well as managing our Facebook Page and the Hospice Mid Northland website and also co-ordinating and publishing our quarterly newsletter.   If you would like to get involved with Hospice Mid Northland and support us with fundraising, sponsorship or in another capacity, you can contact me on 09 407-7799 or email me at 

Retail Supervisor- Vicki Beavis

This role oversees the management of our retail network.  Our retail network is comprised of three shops, Kerikeri, Kaikohe and Kawakawa and a distribution and sorting centre.  Our retail network is supported by a team of committed volunteers who help us keep it all going. They mend, test, clean and repair goods and they will also help you with superb customer services in our shops.

Our shops are brimming with clothes and housewares donated from our generous community. It’s a combination of fashion and bargains, while supporting a good cause, which makes shopping at the Hospice feel so good. Every time you buy something from one of shops you are helping us to raise funds which directly support the care of patients and families in our community. Every dollar raised stays in the Mid-North to support the continuation of free Hospice services. . Your purchase helps us to:

  • Attend to the needs of over 200 patients every year
  • Support over 8000 telephone calls to patients, doctors and health providers
  • Support approximately 2000 nursing visits to patients
  • Ensure our services remain free-of-charge to patients and their families

Accounts Administrator- Jo Whiteman

I support the day-to-day running of our services, including the accounts administration and  financial side of Hospice Mid-Northland. I look after wages, accounts, statistics and banking. I also oversee our support services, contracts management . This is a  part time role,Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday.

Office Administrator - Fiona Brodie

My role is very varied and no two days are alike. The role includes giving administration support to the clinical team as well as keeping things running smoothly in the office. I take minutes at various meetings and carry out reception work.

Logistics Manager- Rod Matthews

I'm responsible for co-ordinating the issue and receipt of medical equipment between Hospice and our patients.  This includes the issue of equipment such as pressure mattresses, commodes, beds, lazyboy chairs and so forth - essentially any equipment a patient needs to make them more comfortable.  I also co-ordinate the pick-up of large donated goods for our shop network and oversee the Processing of these goods through the Processing Centre.


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